About us | Code of Conduct | Code of Practice | Bariatric Services | Speak to us | Contact us © 2011 All Rights Reserved www.ambukare.co.uk | Ambu-Kare (UK) Ltd. | Website designed by Ambaalika InfoTech Private Ambulance Company Serving the Community since 1984. When to contact us? Contact us if you want to: • ask about the service you received from us; • make comments and suggestions about your experience with us, which will help us to improve the services we provide; • find out about our policies and practices; • be referred to advocacy services which can support you; • obtain information about any aspect of our work; • obtain copies of the records we hold about you; • be put in touch with other health and social care providers and organisations; • get access to bilingual health advocates and other support services you or your family might need to help you liaise with us. For example, interpreters or signers; or • complain about the service you received from us Our contact details? Our contact details Patient Experiences 2 Westminster Place, Empson Road, Peterborough PE1 5SY Tel: 01733560972 Fax: 01733286914 Email: control@ambukare.co.uk How we will manage your enquiry? When we receive your enquiry we will firstly decide on the priority it needs to be given. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 25 working days. However, if the issue is complex, we will come back to you within 45 working days, and within 60 working days if it is considered particularly complicated. These timescales enable us to provide you with as thorough a response as possible. We have changed the way we deal with complaints. Our new procedure, which can be found on another page on our site, enables us to quickly identify the most serious issues, such as those involving abuse or unsafe practice, and manage them appropriately. In some cases we will deal with incidents under our serious untoward incidents policy. Where the care provided to you involved different health and social care providers, we will liaise with those providers to ensure that, wherever possible, you will receive a single response to your complaint. Where this is not possible, we will ask those other agencies to respond to those elements of your complaint that concern them. If you are not happy with our response to your complaint, you have a right to contact the Health Service Ombudsman to ask for an investigation of your complaint. Our Head of Patient Experiences will correspond with you on behalf of the Chief Executive. You can be assured that both he and senior managers are made aware of the most serious issues and any emerging themes from complaints. We will adhere to the principles of good administration, complaints handling and remedy set out by the Health Service Ombudsman. What we will do to resolve your enquiry? When we receive an enquiry, complaint or a report about an incident we will do the following. • Examine and evaluate our records relating to the transfer. • Meet with you or whoever has made the enquiry, where appropriate. • Examine what demand we faced at the time of the incident and what staff and vehicles we had available. • Obtain an account of events from the staff involved. • Obtain a quality assurance evaluation of the way in which the 999 call was managed. • Obtain clinical advice about the care provided. • Offer a comprehensive explanation of how the incident was managed. • Explain what action we are going to take, if any. Where appropriate, we will take the following action. • Involve relevant senior managers and our medical directorate at an early stage. We may also obtain independent clinical advice. • Have face-to-face meetings at an early stage, where requested or appropriate. We will always consider a face-to- face meeting if someone has died; when a serious case is identified; and when the person concerned requests one. • Arrange independent mediation where appropriate. • Ask people independent of our organisation to carry out an inquiry, especially if we do not have the expertise ourselves. • Continue to build on the strong relationship we have with the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service. We also welcome the involvement of specialist advocacy services. • Liaise with other health and social care providers where they may have been involved in the matter. Our promise to you When we receive an enquiry, you can expect us to do the following. • Contact you in person within 24 hours—this is based on our patients’ experiences team working office hours, Monday to Friday. • Help you to find the best way of resolving your problem or getting an answer to your question. • Deal with your enquiry in confidence. • See you at a time and place that suits you. • Keep you updated on the progress of your enquiry and any action we intend to take. • Use information from your enquiry to improve our services. • Ask for your feedback and use this so that we can improve our services. What we will do if we get it wrong? Although we aim to provide a high quality service, there are times when we get it wrong. When that happens we will do the following. • Offer you an apology. • Review the care we provided or the way we managed the incident with a senior manager, training officer or someone similar, and reflect on what happened in a way that helps us to learn from the experience. • Reimburse you where financial loss has been incurred. • Use your experience to improve our policies and practice. • Where appropriate, create a specific care plan, with the involvement and agreement of the patient involved. • Explain what we have done to address the issues raised and prevent them happening again. • Report back to you on the action we have taken. • Work closely with any other agency involved so that we can offer a ‘joined-up’ approach.  Frequently asked questions Our patient experiences team is your first point of contact if you have any comments, questions, feedback or concerns about the service or treatment you have received from us. You should also contact this team if you want to make a complaint. The team can also deal with all general enquiries about our policies and procedures and how we work. Unfortunately, due to an increase in demand to the Ambu-Kare UK ltd the patient experiences team has received an increase in enquiries this month, and although we aim to respond as soon as we can, this may take longer than usual. If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please telephone the patient experiences office on 01733560972 - Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay that you may experience in the response to your enquiry.