About us | Code of Conduct | Code of Practice | Bariatric Services | Speak to us | Contact us © 2011 All Rights Reserved www.ambukare.co.uk | Ambu-Kare (UK) Ltd. | Website designed by Ambaalika InfoTech Every client of AMBU-KARE (UK) Ltd will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Above all, they will be treated with dignity, and consideration will be given to them irrespective of their personal status. Every employee of AMBU-KARE (UK) Ltd shall work within The code of conduct. Namely, each employee will act at all times in such a manner as to: Protect and enhance the client’s well-being whilst in their care. Act within their skills and training levels. Always act in the interest of their clients. As far as is humanly possible ensure appropriate treatment is given to their client in the interest of saving life, alleviating suffering and reducing morbidity. Ensure that no of action or omission, either or their part or within their sphere of control could be construed as detrimental to the client. Be willing to hand over the management of their client to a higher skill level and became their assistant. Work with all health disciplines for the good of the client. Recognise that each client and scenario is unique and acknowledge that respect must be given for and to ethnic origins, religious beliefs, individual requirement within the remit of patient care. Inform their client and an appropriate authority immediately of any conscientious objection they may have to treatments or procedures they are asked to achieve which may violate their professional practice. Never abuse the privileged position they have with the client with respect to their person or property. Totally protect the confidentiality of their client and respect confidence and information gained through the course of treatment. Report to an appropriate person any circumstances which have prevented them from professional practice in the management of their client. Report to an appropriate authority any suspect or witnessed poor practice or treatment that may jeopardise the client. Maintain current qualification appropriate it their grade and skill. Keep full records of treatment given. Continually update the training and qualifications Private Ambulance Company Serving the Community since 1984.